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  • d.sablu LP

"What you'll find here is a definitive statement of punk in the current times. Something loud, in-your-face, and yeah that isn't too far off from what punk is, was or will be, but the COLOR that David (D. Sablu) adds to these songs both sonically and figuratively is second to none in our opinion."

-- Wet Cassettes

"Classic punk from the ’77 UK and ’74 Ohio schools, but naturally, it sounds exactly like neither because the real punks keep making the shit sound new and important (because it is important, of course)."

-- Robert Collins, Maximum Rock n Roll

The first LP from archival/futurist New Orleans punk organism, d.sablu.

Bomber Stomp
Too much of the News
Hypocrites in Cyberspace
Stuck in a Rut
Spiral out

Smut Date
So sorry
Try harder
69 forever
World peace

This is a pre-order for the record which will be released in June 2024.
Custom sleeves by d.sablu, with artwork forthcoming.

Orders to be shipped out immediately when they arrive in house.
For local pickup at YWC or as pre-arranged with the band, use code "localsonly" at checkout.