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Matt Baldwin - How to Play Guitar Vol. I and II


A guide to hacking the creative process, from our friend Matt Baldwin. This order includes Volumes 1 and 2.

This little book began as I started to jot down my thoughts about the strange and rhizomatic path I have been on since I started playing guitar 29 years ago. Eventually it became clear that I had intuitively developed something like my own philosophy around how to live and think as a guitar player. I wrote it as if I was speaking to myself about my own values and process and it should not be seen as a prescription for other guitar players, although hopefully some of the ideas will be useful. It is philosophy in the Classic sense, in that it is not overly theoretical but rather meant to practically inform how one lives. It’s a kind of catalog of how I think about creativity in general and is part of an intellectual lineage that includes The Stoics, De Sade, Nietzsche, Freud, William James, Camille Paglia and Nassim Taleb.

Further editions are available from Matt's BandCamp: https://psychicarts.bandcamp.com/

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